Tavistock Beekeepers AGM

Tavistock branch of DBKA – Notice of Annual General Meeting

7.30 pm  (prompt) Tuesday 15th November 2016

At the Parish Rooms, Tavistock.

Hello Beekeepers!

Its that time of year when Beekeepers Huddle together for warmth, tea and cake, and have the Annual General Meeting! It is important that members attend to ensure a healthy group represents its members.

If you have any items for the agenda could you please contact tavistockbee@gmail.com -WebBee


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Slovenia research survey

Hello Beekeepers!

We have received a request for information from Beekeepers, and if you have time your opinions may be of interest!

“As a team of students from Slovenia we are working on a project based on bees and beekeeping.

To start our project we are conducting research into the problems apiculturists are facing and how they deal with such problems. Our aim is to interview as many beekeepers as possible because we believe that a professional opinion is the most valuable. Therefore we have also made a short survey with the purpose of leading us through the interviews.

Our goal is not to waste hours of your free time, but to collect expert knowledge, such as yours, which are worth their weight in gold. The collected data will be completely anonymous and collected ad hoc. We would appreciate if you could sacrifice a small amount of your free time to simply answer a few questions via skype, and it would be of great assistance if you would be so kind as to send the survey to as many members of your federation as possible to help increase the accuracy of data collected.

The survey can be accessed and completed using the link given below.

Link to the survey:  https://goo.gl/forms/e7y33yCbDAGZdQAn2

You can contact us using:

E-mail: shive.products@gmail.com

Skype: x_matic_x

We eagerly anticipate your response and thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

on behalf of a team of young researchers:

Gregor Deleja, Prof.

headmaster of grammar school Gimnazije Celje – Center
Kosovelova ulica 1, SI – 3000 Celje, Slovenia
T: 00386 41 708 945
W: www.gcc.si” – WebBee

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Beekeeper Training course 2017


Hello Beekeepers, and other people interested in Beekeeping!

If you would like to learn about beekeeping then the Tavistock Beekeepers training course is for you.
This is an interesting and introductory course aimed at beginners who would like to take up Beekeeping; it covers all the basic aspects of Bees and Beekeeping, with practical assistance provided by Tavistock Beekeepers to help you through your first years of this fascinating pass-time.
We now have our training dates for the Beekeeper training course 2017.
The course will run for 6 weekday evenings starting Tuesday 21st February 2017 at Tavistock College, Devon.
Time:- 7 till 9 pm
The dates are 21st, 28th Feb. 7th,14th, 21st and 28th March.
A reserve date of the 4th April.
The trainers will be Mark Gibbons and Bill Pyle, both very experienced beekeepers with a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm about bees and beekeeping. (with helpers)
The training will follow the British Beekeeping Association Syllabus, and learning materials will be provided.
Wk 1 Beekeeper          – What a beekeeper “Does”
Wk 2 Bees                    – Bee Life-cycle
Wk 3 Beekeeping year – Beekeeping during the year.
Wk 4 Equipment           – Types of Bee equipment and use.
Wk 5 What to buy         – Suppliers and types of gear.
Wk 6 Diseases             – Problems with Bees.
Additional “Out Apiary” visits will be part of the training, dates to be arranged.
The Cost will be £85 payable to Tavistock Beekeepers during the course, refreshments will be provided.
You can either e-mail us at tavistockbee@gmail.com with your contact details or fill out our contact box on our website HERE
We look foreward to introducing you to some bees, cake and Tea; after all beekeeping is a social thing!
David Painter
Tavistock Beekeepers

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Tavistock Beekeeper Training – Update

Hello Beekeepers!

The dates for our spring Training programme for next year have been confirmed as:-

21st and 28th Feb, and the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of March

The Venue will be Tavistock college.

The Cost will be approximately £80

If you know anyone who is interested in training to become a Beekeeper please send us their contact details via the website contact us page HERE or email us at the Tavistockbee@gmail.com address.

I will be updating our Training pages accordingly with further details have been confirmed.-WebBee



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UK Government to lift Neonics Ban?

Hello Beekeepers,

The debate on “Neonic’s” or Neonicotinoids continues to thunder on, about what is good for our economy versus the damage to our environment and wildlife. Meanwhile the Chemical companies try and get the ban lifted citing their statistics, despite a growing body of evidence to the contrary.

It seems the UK Government may be attempting to lift the E.U Ban again?

Please see the link below for more information, and if you can sign up to the petition if you already haven’t done so! -WebBee https://actions.sumofus.org/a/neonics-uk

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Warm end to the season

Hello Beekeepers!

Well with temperature forecast for the eastern UK as 26C (yes Twenty SIX degrees Celsius) and possibly 20C is forecast for Devon this week; its an odd finish to the beekeeping season.

However there are downsides to this late warm weather.


Varroa numbers may still be significant, so its time to treat your colonies with your chosen Varrocide, and as the weather is warmer there may be more urgency, as the numbers will be increasing and Brood numbers will be decreasing.


Your bees will need feeding for the winter months, so please ensure your colonies are sufficiently fed, even IF you haven’t removed any Honey this year, it may not be enough to see them through the winter!

 Beware the WASPS are back!

Today I watched as several of my colonies defend themselves against the striped invaders, however others seemed to simply let them in!

Close up Hive entrances and observe your hives to check everything is OK.

Wasp traps and baits are discussed HERE on our website and plenty of other places on the internet; if you find an effective method please share the information via contacting us via the contacts page. – WebBee

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Tavistock Beekeepers training

Hello Beekeepers!

Well after a good weather year for our bees its time to think about putting the bees to bed for the winter months, and also think about training and winter meetings!

We intend to run a beginners course in the spring of 2017 and if you are interested, or know anyone who would be could you please get them to fill in the contact form HERE with the subject “Training”. This will allow us to asses numbers for the course.

If you have any other comments about websites or events. conferences etc we would be glad to hear from you via the contacts on the contacts page or via the quick contact form via the link above. – WebBee

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Tavistock honey extraction day

Hello Beekeepers!

the honey extraction day last weekend was well supported and several members used the opportunity to extract some honey from their super frames. You will be pleased to hear Tea cake, and a very fine lunch were enjoyed by all. Very many thanks to all those members who helped on the day, a very enjoyable day! – WebBee


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A Bit of a Do – Cornwalls 8th Beekeeping convention






Pasties at lunchtime should be booked with your ticket


For more information please see HERE


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News from BIBBA

Just seven weeks until the Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association three day conference opens on the Isle of Man on Tuesday the 20th September.

The good news with a diverse selection of nearly 30 stimulating lectures on beekeeping for all levels of experience we intend to repeat the quality and buzz of Llangollen conference, 2014.

The better news Time seems to have flown by this summer so we have extended the “Early Bee” discount until the 14th August for those who missed the original date: so why not treat yourself to a post-harvest break?

The lecture schedule, other information, and bookings link are all available at BIBBA.com

“This weekend’s conference was excellent and more than met expectations – I hope this sets the standards for future UK beekeeping events and look forward to the next one!”

Delegate feedback, Llangollen, 2014


Trisha Marlow

Publicity, BIBBA

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