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Here is a small list of the available resources on the internet of individuals or groups of Beekeepers who have something to say about Bees! In no particular Order, if you think something should be on the list drop us a line from the contacts page. – WebBee

“I keep bees in the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland … not for agricultural or commercial purposes (though I do sell some bees, queens and honey), but because beekeeping is an engrossing hobby that allows me to work outdoors, to be just a little bit self-sufficient, to indulge my interest in photography and to spend long hours making things from bits of wood during the winter. I’m particularly interested in improving the quality of my bees by queen rearing from my best stock. Other beekeepers get passionate about pollen identification, honeybee anatomy or wax production … so explaining “Beekeeping, so much more than honey“.

Talking with Bees

A humorous insight into beekeeping from a beginners perspective

The beginner beekeepers page

A Facebook page dedicated to beginners and beekeeping

Beekeeping recipies for Bees

An informative Wiki on bee related feeding

The Surrey beekeeper

The Surrey beekeepers blog, what’s happening to bees in Surrey

The Official BBKA forum

The official British beekeeping association members forum

The Beekeeping forum

The Beekeeping Forum, beekeepers discussing bees and beekeepers!

 The Scottish Beekeeping Association

The Scottish Beekeeping Forum, news on bees from north of the border

Dave Cusmans website

An internet resource of all things bee related, from Hives to bees and making things!

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