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Information on interesting bee related topics, the weather and other fun sites.

British Butterflies

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Asian Hornet Information

(Photo NNSS) Hello Beekeepers, unfortunately the Asian Hornet looks to have already arrived in the UK, although the presently known about Asian Hornet reports have been dealt with by the Non-Native Sectretariat (NNSS) the forces of nature suggest there will be other and probably established colonies that have hither-to been un-noticed and apparent in the …

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Bee health information

Here are links to information on Bee health websites and information on healthy bee programmes worldwide. The UK Government Bee Health guide aims to help farmers and beekeepers to understand the importance of bees to farming and the environment, and how to safeguard and protect bees and other pollinators. It outlines threats to bees from …

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Small Hive Beetle Information

Hello Beekeepers! Here are some links to information on the “Small Hive Beetle” that is a threat to the populations of honeybees and possibly other bee populations in the UK. A work in progress, more information will be added later -WebBee What Is the Small Hive Beetle (SHB)? The Small Hive Beetle is a beetle …

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Weather links to check your Bee-weather Check out the weather at you Apiary with these links, before you go.   UK met office website   A good weather site for finding out if it will rain on you and your bees.Netweather rainfall radar   An interesting project to remotely monitor the temperature in a bee hive. Open Hive …

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BBKA for the Coming Years – Survey 2015

In 2015 the BBKA commissioned a survey, it was conducted during the months of October to December 2015 by a Working Party set up by the then Chairman of the BBKA, Doug Brown. The intention of the Survey was to obtain the reaction of the membership of the BBKA to a number of questions posed …

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Equipment supplies

Hello Beekeepers! There are many manufacturers of beekeeping equipment in the UK and abroad; a wide choice is available. Below is a list of suppliers of beekeeping equipment, that have some recommendations from Tavistock Beekeepers members; mostly based here in the southwest. The list is by no means comprehensive and changes all the time, if …

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Bees and the Law

There is presently a discussion about IF bees should be imported into the UK, and what the current requirements are for doing this. The question is also do the current regulations and safeguards protect UK Beekeepers? Here is a collection of information that may help answer questions you may have about Bees and the Law …

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