2014-Tavi-Logo_grid-png-word-DJPHere you will find information on swarms of bees and what they are doing, and how to deal with them sensibly; it is important that swarms of Bees are treated carefully and with respect to ensure they; and you, remain happy and healthy.

Please follow the advice on who to contact in your local area as they will be able to help more quickly than someone from further afield. Please remember that often the swarm collection service is offered by local beekeepers on a voluntary basis.

Beekeepers who offer the Voluntary swarm collection services may request a small fee to cover their expenses in providing this service. – WebBee

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Swarms of Bees – and what to do

“Honey bee swarms are a natural part of the reproductive cycle of the honey bee, and although sometimes inconvenient, they pose no direct threat to health or property if dealt with correctly. ” ( BBKA ) Tavistock area swarm collection service A voluntary swarm collection service is operated by most beekeeping groups or associations, with usually …

What to do if you get stung by a Bee

The following is advice given by various sources and must be taken as simple general advice on what to do in the event of getting stung by a honey bee in the UK. If you have any concerns the best thing to do is contact your local G.P or NHS Choices immediately for proper medical advice from …