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This page is for Asian Hornet news and stories as they appear, hopefully there wont be any news! – WebBee

2018 Asian Hornet News

Nothing to report yet! 🙂

2017 Asian Hornet news – The year it arrived in the UK in north Devon.

Update:- 28th September 2107

Asian Hornet confirmed sighting in Plymouth.

Looks like there are more Hornet sightings on the way?-WebBee

From an interesting article on the website HERE

An interactive list of Asian Hornet sightings on Google maps can be seen HERE


Asian Hornet arrived in Devon 18 September 2017

A statement was received from the BBKA to confirm a siting of Asian Hornets in Wollacoombe in Devon.


Communication to all Branch and Association Secretaries, Chairs & Individual Members

Dear Member,

The National Bee Unit has confirmed a sighting of the Asian Hornet at an apiary near Woolacombe in Devon. Work to identify, destroy and remove any nests is already underway.

Please make this news available to all your members urgently and ask everyone to be vigilant. In the case of a suspected sighting, please contact


Leigh Sidaway
General Manager BBKA

The British Beekeepers’ Association registered charity no: 212025

Our mailing address is:
The British Beekeepers Association
National Beekeeping Centre
Stoneleigh Park

The official FERA Notification is HERE for the record.

And with this statement the UK becomes no longer free of the Invading Asian Hornet, a sad day for all beekeepers.

It is VITAL that all beekeepers remain persistently vigilant , and report all sightings of Asian Hornets to protect not just Bees but all insects from this voracious and nasty insect! – WebBee

The Asian Hornet in the UK -Sightings and news.

A single Asian Hornet was found in Scotland in March 2017

“17 March 2017 update:

SG today confirmed that a single Asian Hornet, Vespa velutina had been identified at a retail warehouse in the central belt of Scotland. The Asian Hornet is a non-native species and a serious predator of honey bees and other pollinators which has recently become established in Europe. There are no more public health risks associated with Asian hornets than with other bees or wasps.

Asian hornets were first identified in the GB during autumn 2016, that outbreak was dealt with and no further reports have been confirmed since.  It is not possible to identify the origin of this individual and no further sightings have been made, however for surveillance purposes SG has placed Asian Hornet traps in the area and alerted the pest control industry and beekeepers to be vigilant for this species”

Full Article and news releases HERE

Channel Islands

The Channels Islands are an important indication and the “Front line” of the U.K’s Asian Hornet defences; the Asian Hornet has already arrived in the Islands and is trying to set up colonies on new territory.

Several nests have now been discovered and destroyed, each time providing more information about the Hornets ability to survive in northern climbs; the bad news is they are able to survive on the Islands as more nests appear to be being found, so either more hornets are arriving or they are breeding already on the Islands.

Here is some new information on the nest descovered  on 8 September 2017, in Torteval on the islands, this is the States Press release HERE

Mr Damien Harris described how he found it:-

“As it was too overcast and showery to do anything with my bee hives, I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to go out for a walk and see if I could see any Asian hornets flying around the area of Torteval where insects have been sighted.

I have a lot of bee hives on the island and it is in my interest to prevent the spread of the Asian hornet.

I wandered the lanes with my binoculars looking for anything large that could be hornets and mainly by luck saw a large egg shaped object in a tree and knew at once that this was a hornet nest.

The hornets were out wandering over the surface of the nest and flying in and out.

I’m very relieved to have found it as a beekeeper and will continue looking for nests at other potential sites.”

Our thanks to Damien! – WebBee

Here is a link to the Guernsey Beekeepers information and news page, hopefully the latest news will be HERE

Here is a link to the Guernsey Beekeepers website HERE

The suggested best Bait for Hornet traps is presently suggested:-

“Please check and refresh your traps and add the protein element such as cat meat, prawns, mashed fish etc as an encouragement. Meat, fish etc will probably need to be replaced every few days. Don’t abandon the sweet liquid entirely as the hornet gets its reward from the larvae when it returns with mashed up insects but better still if it continues to get it in your trap.

French cocktail used in traps is Biere Brune, vin blanc, Crème de Cassis or Sirop de cassis in the ratio of 2:1:.02 (500ml:250m:l50ml. Use a Ruby beer but not light ales, bitter or stout. Avoid beers with hops and burnt malt. Biere Brune is a strong sweet malt beer”

I suggest all beekeepers try out the relevant components of the Bait, so they can become acclimatised to the things that the Asian Hornets like!

Individually of course…..omit the cat food I suggest…. but don’t drink from the traps!! – WebBee 😉


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