Research commissioned by The Sunday Times has found that honey sold under the New Zealand manuka label at up to £45 a pot may not be manuka at all.

Results of the research last week persuaded Fortnum & Mason, the upmarket London grocer, to clear its shelves of its own-brand manuka honey after tests showed it might not be genuine. Honey sold by Holland & Barrett and Amazon also failed the tests.”

One article pointed out that New Zealand exported 4000 Tons of Manuka Honey in 2016, world consumption was over 40,000 tons… either it was diluted very heavily or most of it was fake.

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The Best Option

In short, good quality locally produced Honey if far better for you than anything you will buy in a supermarket; at least you know where it is produced, and if you ask nicely you could always meet the bees that produce such a marvelous substance and thank them personally! – WebBee