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Contact details

If you would like to contact Tavistock Beekeepers please use the contact form below, or contact one the current officers of the Tavistock Branch of the Devon Beekeepers via the e-mail address. We have had to truncate our contact details due to some recent scam activity on our website.(sorry) – WebBee

Please remember Tavistock Beekeepers is a voluntary association and swarm collection is carried out as a “best endevours” assistance to the public.

If you wish to contact us about a honey bee swarm related enquiry PLEASE use the Tavistock Beekeepers Swarm pages  FIRST as this is the fastest way to get a swarm collected, information HERE

Chairman: David Painter

Vice-Chair: Bill Pyle
Secretary: Amanda Barton
Treasurer: Pam Smith
Training Officer: Bill Pyle
Meetings Organiser: Greg Smith

Communications and Website: David Painter
e-mail: (WebBee)

Swarm Liaison Officer: Dr. Lea Bayly
Please contact via the swam collection page or via the address.

Committee Member: Mark Gibbons
Newsletter Editor: Chris Binns

Committee Member: Roy Stacey



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