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Bee Sites


Here is a developing resource of bee related web pages

If you have any suggestions about the website please lets us know via the contacts pages– WebBee

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BBC Nature – Honeybees

The BBC Nature Website contains some excellent resources for teachers, and those interested in honey bees. Here

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The Bee Photographer

Image Copyright Eric Tourneret This website has some stunning images of Bees from all over the world, some superb images with fine detail and definitely worth a visit. Eric Tourneret grew up in a village on a mountainside above Annecy a nice city with a lake in the Alps close by Switzerland, when he learned about …

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Understanding Bee Anatomy

This website’s purpose is to encourage interest in the study of bee anatomy Knowing how bees function requires a knowledge of the arrangement of the internal organ systems. We need to know how they function to understand issues of disease, nutrition, lifespan, aggression, survival, breeding and productivity. Bees’ internal organs have some similarities to those …

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Links to bee related press releases

BBKA Press releases Get the latest BBKA press releases from their website here.    

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The Honey Bee – Drawings of Bees

Have you ever wanted a simple drawing to show the life cycle of the Bee?  – Well this is the site for you! “Honey bee (Apis mellifera) is an insect species living in colonies. In the colony there is usually one queen, thousands of workers and during some parts of the year variable number of drones. …

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Pesticides and Bees

There is a lot of debate about Pesticides and Bees, here is an excellent illustration of the effects of neonics on our small and buzzy neighbours. – WebBee This excellent info-graphic was produced for Sun-Leisure thanks! – WebBee Please include attribution to Sun Leisure with this graphic.  

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Status and Trends of European Pollinators

IUCN reports: Nearly one in ten wild bee species face extinction in Europe The first-ever assessment of all European wild bee species shows that 9.2% are threatened with extinction, while 5.2% are considered likely to be threatened in the near future. A total of 56.7% of the species are classified as Data Deficient, as lack …

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