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Here, with your help we can review some of the “joys” of beekeeping, the tools, gadgets, hives and all the ways to do something that you enjoy doing; like the messy business of extracting honey.

If you would like to write a review of your favorite Hive tool, or the super way you can clean your bee suit without putting holes in it, please submit it to tavistockbee@gmail.com – Thanks – Web-Bee

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Beekeeping tools, Gadgets

Reviews about beekeeping kit, gadgets and that essential thing you cannot do without!  

Hives, nuc box’s and hive bits and bobs..

Reviews on hives, nucleus boxes and Apdea Queen excluders These are an indispensable piece of the hive, they keep the queen bee away from the “Supers” and so stop her laying eggs in the honey. There are many different types and materials and advantages and disadvantages to each type. Metal queen excluders have been around …

How to Do…..

Reviews on “How to do..” something like extracting honey, extracting wax, cut comb or how to use a Snellgrove board etc  

Practical Guides

Quick links to practical guides on bee related things, please suggest links to be included! A Apis Melifera Honeybee information B Bailey Comb exchange Bailey Comb Exchange C D Dave Cushmans extraordinary website containing many things beekeeping related, old school with loks of references and drawings abut making your own equipment. HERE E F Feeding …

Equipment supplies

Hello Beekeepers! There are many manufacturers of beekeeping equipment in the UK and abroad; a wide choice is available. Below is a list of suppliers of beekeeping equipment, that have some recommendations from Tavistock Beekeepers members; mostly based here in the southwest. The list is by no means comprehensive and changes all the time, if …

Bees in the Press

Bees are in the press a lot so here are a few links to bee related press stories that may be of interest to bee keepers in no particular order. WebBee   The Guardian Bees and the Environment HERE   BBKA Press releases from the British Beekeepers Association Get the latest BBKA press releases from …

Pesticides and Bees

There is a lot of debate about Pesticides and Bees, here is an excellent illustration of the effects of neonics on our small and buzzy neighbours. – WebBee This excellent info-graphic was produced for Sun-Leisure¬†thanks! – WebBee Please include attribution to Sun Leisure with this graphic.