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Bee Photos

Bees are interesting creatures, and photographing them can be quite a challenge but very rewarding, here are a few photographs that show some interesting glimpses into their colony and behaviours, enjoy. – WebBee


Bees are effective pollinators, this image shows a Honey Bee leaving a flower laden with pollen for the colony.


Honey comb is the heart of the colony and it is made from wax plates secreted by the Honey Bees, it is an excellent storage medium for Honey, Pollen and a home for the developing grubs and bee Larvae.










Bees waiting on the landing board for a returning Queen who has been out on a mating flight.



An interesting image of a bee observing it’s surroundings during an inspection, note how shiny the eye is and how it is standing on four of its six legs; as if ready to fly away in an instant. (Paul Johnson)

A new Queen in the making, a Supersedure cell

A new Queen in the making, a Supersedure cell

When a colony “decides” it is time to split a grub is chosen from the newest freshly laid eggs, and this is moved to a”queen cell” to be reared as a queen bee. Different types of queen cells can mean different things; here a new queen is being reared to live for a short while along side the existing queen, she will then mate with drones and “supersede” the old queen by stinging her to death.

This is a sealed Queen Cell

This is a sealed Queen Cell

Sometimes a queen cell is “hidden” along the side of a frame, these can be difficult to spot when covered with bees, in some cases more than one queen cell is present in the same “cluster”.

Queen Cells along frame

Queen Cells along frame

Mostly queen cells appear along the lower edge of the frames, and the can be 10’s of queen cells on one frame if the bees are vigorously trying to swarm.



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