AHAT – Is not something to put on your head!

Asian Hornet Action Teams (AHAT’s) are being set up by beekeepers to assist in the early identification and control of any Asian hornet Incursions into the U.K and as the next incursion could literally turn up anywhere, beekeepers everywhere are advised to use this time to prepare themselves.

The aim is fighting the establishment of Asian Hornets, by speeding up the identification and verification process, to enable the NBU to deal with any Asian Hornet incursion/s efficiently and cost effectively. Visit the AHAT website: http://www.ahat.org.uk for more information about the aims of the AHAT concept and register your BKA’s Asian Hornet Action Team.

On the NNSS website, there is information about their Local Action Groups
An AHAT can submit details to apply to become a Local Action Group (LAG)
Once accepted as a LAG the NNSS offers a toolkit, which some groups might find useful.

Here are the Devon Asian Hornet Guidance Protocols –

On another NNSS website page, there is this request for everyone to share their ideas for #getINNSvolved! this coming Thursday, at the end of Invasive Species Week.

Jill and Ken Beagley, Devon BKA”

This is a very worthwhile thing to do and all beekeepers should support it! – WebBee

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