UPDATE!!–Asian Hornet confirmed in Devon


Hello Beekeepers,

we have unfortunately received notice from the BBKA that the NBU have a CONFIRMED siting of Asian Hornet in Wollacoombe in Devon. – WebBee  🙁

“The National Bee Unit has confirmed a sighting of the Asian Hornet at an apiary near Woolacombe in Devon. Work to identify, destroy and remove any nests is already underway.
Please make this news available to all your members urgently and ask everyone to be vigilant. In the case of a suspected sighting, please contact alert_nonnative@ceh.ac.uk


Leigh Sidaway
General Manager BBKA”

Please review the Asian Hornet pages HERE for information on the Asian Hornet.

We will watch these developments closely. – WebBee

UPDATE 28/09/17

The BBC has confirmed this evening the NBU has just destroyed a nest in the Woolacoombe area of North Devon

“A nest of Asian hornets has been found and destroyed in north Devon, and a “search and destroy” mission is now under way to find more in the area.

Bee experts used heat-seeking cameras to find the nest in Woolacombe in a bid to stop the invasive species breeding and spreading.

However, there have been reports of a sighting of one of the insects in Plymouth in the meantime.

Environment ministry Defra said the Plymouth report was “highly likely to be accurate” but had not yet been confirmed.”

The full article and the latest Devon News HERE -WebBee

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